Online wholesale store today run by:

P.H. KOSMOS Krzysztof Kosmowski

entry do EDG 32766 led by Prez. cities Białegostoku

NIP: 966-060-71-15, REGON: 050375652

  • Our main activity since 1998 is the production and retail sale as well as wholesale of men's clothing.
  • Our shirts are made of only high quality fabrics.
  • The sewing process is controlled at every stage of production.
  • In 2013, we introduced a new brand of shirts to the market - VICTORIO
  • The Victorio shirt collection is inspired by the unique Italian style. Trends visible on the streets of Milan.
  • It is aimed at men for whom dressing up is fun and pleasure. It allows you to express personality and emotions.
  • Victorio is a unique design, attention to detail and comfort.
  • We offer high quality and competitive prices!
Customer service
  • Please contact us: 577 512 514
  • PN-PT: 8:00 - 16:00