P.H. KOSMOS Krzysztof Kosmowski

Shops and clothing companies from all over the country. If you want to expand your assortment with unique Victorio products and increase your sales

  • 1. Registration in the wholesale panel Login
  • 2. After positive verification of the company's data, the WHOLESALE CUSTOMER status is assigned.
  • We notify you about the account activation by e-mail or by phone.
  • 3. Prices visible after registration are net prices.
  • 1. Orders can be placed via the wholesale panel or via e-mail hurt@koszulevictorio.pl
  • 2. The minimum order amount is PLN 200.
  • 3. For orders over PLN 400 (net) - free shipment (not applicable to shipments abroad).
  • 4. Orders placed before 12:00 during the week are processed on the same day.