We want costumers feel the most comfortable in ours shirt. The shirt which suits perfectly.The shirt which is ment to be an expression of personality and character. The shirt which is indyvidual and one of its kind.

We are designing an unique look.

is creating a custom shirts.

Made to measure is aimed at people who appreciate high quality, individualism and quick realisation time in good prize.

Fistly, you choose the fabric from the newest collection. Then we are creating shirts according to those steps:


We want to get know your expectations and needs. Also it is important to us to be aware in what kind of occasion new shirt is intended. We are deciding what fit and looks type you are. With those information we can choose best cut and styling shirt. The tailor takes percise measure of you. Other things you need to choose is colour, collar type (kent, button down, cut etc.) and cuffs (classic, french, combo). Togheter we are designing  unrepeatable shirt.


After first step your shirt is creating in our workplace.


When last corrections are made by master of tailoting, your shirt is ready to pickup. Thanks to first and second sptep ralisation time i s very short, so you can enjoy you shirt sooner.

DESIRE Shirts MADE TO MEASURE - unique shirts

made in only one item,

indyvidual project creating for special order.

If you have a characteristic needs, silhouette or just a fancy idea

come to us.
We will try our best to satisfy you.

Arrange a meeting.

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